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Madoverbiking is the new thing and need of the city. Yes, we are madoverbiking but with a purpose and a mission to save you and the world. Sounds like a SCI-FI movie? .. hold on.. keep reading! Madoverbiking intends to make people reclaim the control of their life and cherish time which no one seems to have today, experience and improve their physical and mental existence through this amazing sport called cycling. We are building a community-driven platform where we encourage riders to come out and ride, train themselves with the right tools, buy the right stuff and eventually get into competitive cycling. Madoverbiking offers you affordable racing with like-minded people who will act as a support system for each other and ultimately prepare themselves for tougher and higher challenges. It is a performance oriented platform, whereby the intention is not to make everyone a professional cyclist but rather keep the flame ignited and rising. The flame which will rise from you for pampering yourself, love for nature, reducing your carbon footprint and common concern for future generations of all species. If the story excites you enough, go get a bike and join us in our journey!



Rahul Garg

Founder - MadOverBiking

Yathath Soni

Web Admin | Event Manager

Rohit Bhargava

Event Manager

Sidharth Mohan

Medical Assistance

Performance Driven Cycling

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Conducting adrenaline pumping cycling races since 2018 in Delhi NCR, we are proud to host over 20+ races till now. Join the upcoming races to experience
pain and glory.

Endurance is not just sitting o the saddle and finishing in the given time. Join us for specially curated endurance riders, where we push you to become better, faster
and stronger.

Taking our events to an all India level, we bring interesting challenges every month to all riders across the country. Participate in the one you think
challenges you.

Wish to get the adrenaline rush as in our ground races? Get the adrenaline virtually. Join us in our virtual races and rides on zwift, and compete with friends anywhere in the world

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