September 16 was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The more the ozone layer is preserved, the more greener the environment will be and the happier we all can be. A very important factor to protect the Ozone layer is to reduce your carbon foot print.

Did you know a cyclist generates the only 16 g of Carbon per km driven (including an avg cyclist diet while cycling) ? That’s about one-tenth compared to the production of a car. 

Now shouldn’t we all #bethecatalystforchange and promote cycling as a means of modern day transportation. Lets do it one step at a time, and do this together!. We invite you to our next event which is a a non-competitive event and more like an initiative to promote cycling and a greener environment.

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Event details

Pan India event to promote
carbon footprint reduction

Ride on 16 September 2020 anytime during the day

Ride as much as you can and reduce carbon footprint


Custom e-certificate
showcasing your contribution

In case of groups, share your group logo on certificates and admin signature on certificates

Proud catalysts of change!

It all starts with "you"

Post registration, use any app to record your ride on Sept 16. You will get an email with a google form link to upload the distance on 17th Sept.

Lets #bethecatalystforchange & share this event in your community!
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